Shoot Advisory is here to open up the world of studio portfolio photography training for creatives. 

We’ll teach you how to photograph your work in your house style, capture tricky-to-shoot objects and showcase your work.

With a little training you'll soon build up the skills needed to create beautiful photographs in house, saving a huge amount of money and time.

Shoot Advisory is ideal for creative people who enjoy photography, but have never had any formal training. We cover:

1 — Your equipment
We can help you get the best from what you already have. Or we can recommend and source equipment just right for you and your budget.

— Setup
We’ll walk you through how to set-up, whether you need a permanent studio or one you can easily put away when not needed.

3 — Lighting
A good understanding of strobe lighting is key to studio photography. This can be quite daunting, so we’ll help demystify it.

— Photography
We’ll go through all the camera skills you need, including ISO, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, syncing with the lights and tethering your shoot to a computer.

5 — Art Direction
Once we have a sense of your desired house style, we can provide you with the technical knowledge and ‘pro photographers cheats’ for achieving this.

6 — Post-Production
We help you add the finishing touch to your shots with Adobe Lightroom. Covering colour correction, sharpening, batch processing and preparing your files for final use.

A few of our clients:
Buro Creative, Confederation Studio, Heavenly,  Tri-Star, ​​​​Figtree/Prophet,​​​​​​ Mortar&Pestle​​​​,​​​​​​ DPP Agency​​ & Arup Associates

And a few shots from our clients:

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